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Social Research Library

Data and Statistics

Data and Statistical Services at Princeton University- This comprehensive website allows users to search for data and statistics by topic, region, or provider.

The Institute for Quantitative Social Science Dataverse Network- The Institute for Quantitative Social Science (IQSS) at Harvard University offers access to the world’s largest collection of social science research data.

Internet Crossroads in Social Science Data- The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Internet Crossroads DISC’s Internet Crossroads contains over 950 annotated links to data-related resources on the Internet.

Social Science Data Analysis Network- The Social Science Data Analysis Network (SSDAN) is a university-based organization that creates demographic media (such as user guides, web sites, and hands-on classroom computer materials) that make United States census data accessible to policymakers, educators, the media, and informed citizens. SSDAN provides print publications as well as online tools and resources in order to support users in exploring demographic trends and further quantitative literacy.


Educational Resources

Brofenbrenner Center for Translational Research- The mission of the Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research is to expand and promote the connections between research and the design, evaluation, and implementation of policies and practices that enhance human development, health, and well being.

The Odum Institute- The Howard W. Odum Institute for Research in Social Science at the University of North Carolina, in Chapel Hill, is the oldest university-based interdisciplinary social-science research institute in the United States. The Institute now offers diverse services to support the research and training of social science faculty and graduate students, including Data Archives, Grant Services, Survey Methodology, and Statistical and Computing Services.

Center for the Study of Economy and Society- The Center for the Study of Economy and Society (CSES) at Cornell University is the leading research organization uniquely committed to the sociological study of economic action.

Center for the Study of Inequality- The Center for the Study of Inequality (CSI) fosters basic and applied research on social and economic inequalities, as well as the processes by which such inequalities change and persist.

University of California-Berkeley’s Principal Archive of Social Science Data- This comprehensive resource offers data, research, and publications related to the field of social science.

Sociology and Anthropology Sources- This resource includes links to a variety of resources on sociology, anthropology, and women’s studies.



Thomson Reuters Social Science Journals List- Thomson Reuters compiled a list of 295 top rated social science journals. Browse an alphabetical list or by social science category.

Social Science Directory of Open Access Journals- This website contains the links to a variety of journals in the fields of Anthropology, Education, Ethnology, Gender studies, Social Science, Library and Information Sciences, Media and Communication, Psychology, Sociology, and Sports Science.


Professional Research Organizations

Institute for Social Sciences- The goals of the Institute are to encourage collaborations among social scientists across disciplinary boundaries, to engage the Cornell community in discussions of topics in the social sciences, and to assist departments and programs in retaining top social science faculty and attracting new talent.

International Bureau of Education- The International Bureau of Education (IBE) is the UNESCO institute specializing in educational contents, methods and structures. The IBE works in partnership with national education authorities, international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and academic institutions.

Roper Center for Public Opinion Research- The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research is the leading educational facility in the field of public opinion. The Roper Center fosters increased international understanding and advances cross-national research through maintenance of the world’s largest archive of survey data and through its programs, presentations and advocacy.

Social Science Research Council- The Social Science Research Council is an independent, nonprofit international organization founded in 1923. It promotes new generations of social scientists, fosters innovative research, and mobilizes necessary knowledge on important public issues.


Additional Resources

Center for Social Research Methods- This website is for professionals involved in applied social research and evaluation. Browse categories of interest and find out about other locations on the Web that deal in applied social research methods.

Henry A. Murray Research Archive- The Henry A. Murray Research Archive at Harvard University is the permanent repository for quantitative and qualitative research data at the Institute for Quantitative Social Science. This collection provides physical storage for the entire IQSS Dataverse Network and comprises over 125 terabytes of data, audio, and video.

Inter-University Consortium for Social and Political Research- This website contains the world’s largest archive for computerized social science data. Conduct research on data analysis and statistics in a variety of social science fields.

Social Dynamics Laboratory- Supported by the National Science Foundation, the Social Dynamics Laboratory (SDL) members study the relationship and exchange between network topology and the dynamics of social interaction, using computational models, data from on-line networks, and laboratory experiments with human participants.