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Psychology and Development Resources for Children

Developmental psychology studies the changing and development of individuals from infancy through adolescence by tracking the changes they go through as they learn and gain knowledge. Experts track and compare different types of development in children and children’s abilities and methods of learning. These include tracking how much children learn through experience and how much comes naturally due to a believed inherent mental structure. The belief that education and experience influence a child’s ability to adapt and function on a daily basis is a reason people believe that a quality and proper education is essential to the well-being of the children of today. One of the subspecialties of developmental psychology, educational psychology, outlines behavior principles as they are influenced by different methods of teaching and learning. Making learning engaging and exciting for children is a way to help make children want to learn. The educational games included on this page are specifically created to capture the attention of elementary students and help them learn and develop as individuals.

Math Games

Language Arts

  • Jelly Fish – From Sadlier Oxford Educational Publishing

Social Studies

  • Branches of Power - From the H.I.P Pocket Change Website on the United States Mint website
  • Kids Games – From the Federal Bureau of Investigation Kids site
  • Place the State – From Ben’s Guide to the United States Government for kids site


  • Beach Kids – From the United States Environmental Protection Agency
  • Energy Slider Puzzle – From the Energy Kids site by the United States Energy Information Administration
  • Physics Word Search – From the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Kids’ Pages
  • Hay Now – From the United States Department of Agriculture


  • 3-D Twirler – From the National Gallery of Art Kids site